A sports and fitness enthusiast with a Master’s degree in nutrition, Melanie began studying Pilates in 1999 inspired by the vitality and increased energy of the students leaving the studio attached to the spa in which she worked.  Craving a career change, Melanie embarked on Teacher Training, studying at The Pilates Center in Boulder.

Years later, working in a studio with Alisa Wyatt, Melanie was inspired to learn more about classical Pilates.  Working with Gratz equipment brought to light a new understanding of the partnership between apparatus and student and Melanie dedicated herself to furthering her studies with Karen Frischmann and Sandy Shimoda at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles, a destination for teachers around the world.

Melanie completed Vintage’s Post-Graduate Teaching Program “The Work” led by Jay Grimes and was invited to join “Teaching the Work” in 2015 during which she undertook a year and a half study as an apprentice to Jay Grimes to further her teaching skills.  During this time, Melanie also taught at Vintage Pilates and helped teachers prepare for their own journey into “The Work.”

In 2015, Melanie and Alisa Wyatt realized a long-standing dream to create a studio and community in Hermosa Beach to bring classical Pilates and Gratz equipment to the South Bay, and opened Pilatesology Studio.  Always a student, Melanie enjoys continuing her education with the tremendously talented teachers who visit the studio to teach and be filmed for Pilatesology.com.

Today Pilatesology Studio supports a world-wide community of Pilates enthusiasts who are interested in health, wellness, and the joy of movement. Pilates, as it was taught by Joe Pilates, is the only method taught at Pilatesology Studio.

Pilates is the ultimate functional and preventative training and supports Melanie’s other interests including beach volleyball, hiking, and traveling. She is an inspiring and encouraging teacher for those who enjoy physical and mental workouts and believe that movement restores health and promotes healing.